Dugopolje – more than just an industrial park

The settlement of Dugopolje is located along the spacious karst field of the same name, below the northern slopes of the Mosor mountain

It is a small, picturesque and dynamic place in the Dalmatian hinterland, 15 km from the city of Split the largest city on the Croatian coast. Dugopolje has an excellent geo-traffic position because it is located at the intersection of the state highway A1 Zagreb-Split-Dubrovnik, which connects the north and south of Croatia, and the county highway D1 Split-Sinj, which connects the coast and the interior of Central Dalmatia. So it is located in an ideal geo-traffic location for day trips and short visits to the pearls of the Adriatic and the Dalmatian hinterland. It takes only 15 minutes by car to reach the city of Split and the surrounding areas on the coast, while the attractions of the Dalmatian hinterland are from 15 minutes to a maximum of an hour away.

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The municipality of Dugopolje was founded in 1997, it consists of the settlements of Dugopolje, Koprivno, Kotlenice and Liska, and covers an area of 63.5 km2 with slightly less than 4,000 inhabitants. The municipality bases its development on a system of infrastructurally integrated economic zones. Currently, there are more than 90 facilities in the economic zones, in which approximately 200 companies operate with more than 3,000 employees.

In parallel with the development of industrial/business zones, a part of the strategic development of the municipality of Dugopolje is the formation of a number of residential areas, which enables the attraction of new residents and the transformation from the mostly rural area into a modern and urbanized environment.

Matea Režek

Once an economically underdeveloped environment, today it has become one of the most developed municipalities in the Dalmatian hinterland!

With the development of the economy, preconditions have been created for the development of sports, culture and tourism opportunities, with the aim of raising the living standard of the inhabitants and the quality of life. So this place today, but also in the future, means much more than “only” the business and industrial park for which it is known in Croatia.

Matea Režek

The tourist activity in the area of the municipality of Dugopolje is at the very beginning, but it has great potential in active and sports tourism. The beauties of this area are manifested through the untouched nature of the northern slopes of Mosor Mountain and Vranjača Cave in Kotlenice – a protected geomorphological natural monument since 1963. Cycling, trekking and hiking are some of the out-door activities you can do in this part of Dalmatian region.

The ”Hrvatski Vitezovi” (Croatian Knights) Sports Centre – football stadium is a place of numerous preparations, tournaments, academies and football schools of national and international clubs, while the commercial zone Podi-Dugopolje offers its guests numerous shopping and outlet centres, restaurants, food stores, furniture and other home inventory.                                                                                                So Dugopolje is a perfect starting point for excursions and visits to this part of the beautiful natural and cultural heritage of Croatia.

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