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“Small country. Big dreams.” This is how Croatia has been represented by the Croatian national football team at the 2018 World Cup in Russia…

Truly on a global scale Croatia is a small country, and it has big dreams, which are dreamed not only by its footballers but also by its people. It is difficult to describe Croatia in its true way only in a few words. Yes, Croatia is beautiful, Croatia is diverse, and yes, it is incomprehensible in some segments. One thing is sure, for a relatively small country it offers a lot. Croatia is not only the sun and the sea, but also a country of rich history, a country of golden plains, gray mountains, green forests, beautiful buildings, warm and friendly people, diverse gastronomy, natural beauty and cultural sights…

National park Krka
Source: Pixabay

However, most of the above can be found in other corners of our planet too. So why come and get to know Croatia? The answer is simple, Croatia is made special by its inhabitants and with all the beauty, it becomes the place in the world where you simply want to be.

Trogir, waterfront
Source: Pixabay

It is hard to forget the scenes one can see in Croatia. Our grandmothers still knit socks for their grandchildren, our neighbours still drink afternoon coffee together at each other’s homes, we still have examples of three generations of the same family living in one house. In Croatia you will still see horses running in the fields and villagers picking grapes together, an old fisherman pulling a net from the sea, as well as a lady who makes lace in her garden. Moreover, in Croatia you will still experience whole families going to the Sunday Mass together.

Lacemaking, Island of Pag
Photo: Zlatko Ramničer, Source: Croatian Tourist Board

A walk through the narrow, old and steep streets in Dalmatian and Istrian towns will take you back to some ancient times. The beauties of Croatian national parks are real reminder that we must preserve nature for future generations. Swimming in the Adriatic Sea will rest your body and visiting the sacral spots will be a balm for the soul. While delicious tastes of Slavonia, Lika, Istria, Dalmatia, Gorski Kotar, Međimurje and Zagorje will awaken all your senses.

Homemade cheese, Slavonia
Source: Pixabay

Furthermore, visitor will experience something else in Croatia, the Croatian heart. What is the Croatian heart? The Croatian heart is a myriad of individual hearts beating together. There are no words to describe the togetherness that unites our people when successes are celebrated, when help is needed and when someone should be hosted.

It’s simple, come, meet people and land of Croatia, and get to know how looks like the place called home.

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