Croatian land treasure: I’m in Sinj… where now?

After a rich cultural summer program, visiting Sinj, painted in autumn colours, is unique experience for the soul and body. So as soon as the morning ‘chilly sun’ appears, take the camera in your hands and capture the pulse of the Dalmatian Zagora (Hinterland) in a different way…

Although mostly known for the magnificent Alka tournament and the Our Lady’s Shrine, whose stories inspire, Sinj could still be described like a small town with something for everyone. Old Roman and Ottoman influences, as well as the influence of the Venetians have played a major role in the creation of the historical and cultural heritage of the town of Sinj and surroundings. Today the Museum of Alka, the Museum of the Cetina Region and the Archaeological Collection of the Franciscan Monastery together with the galleries bear witness to old times as a lasting legacy. Preserved objects, recorded anecdotes and the setting reflect the naturalistic, archaeological, historical, ethnographic, artistic and cultural-historical heritage of Sinj and the area. Seems like too much? For this oasis, whether you are visiting with family, friends or alone, not at all! So have you “sharpened” your camera, pricked up your ears? Let’s go!

Foto: Željko Zrnčić

‘In Sinj, everything is close by’, the hosts will tell you. In a leisurely walk you can visit locations that will delight and inspire you. After you have spiritually refreshed your soul in the magnificent shrine of the Our Miraculous Lady of Sinj, head towards the three-hundred-year-old Kamičak fortress, a striking symbol of Sinj whose builders were local masters. Then continue through the town streets all the way to the hill adorned with the 14 Stations of the Cross, the work of Croatia’s most famous artists, and get all the way to the remains of the fortress popularly known as Old Town. On the top stands a small votive church built in 1887, for the 200th anniversary of the arrival of the settlers from Rama with a picture of Our Lady, and even today, together with the newly set up statue of the Lady of Sinj, little church carefully watches over the town.

Foto: Željko Zrnčić

Monuments, sculptures and fountains whose stories are unusual and very interesting will attract your special attention. The sculpture ‘At the spring’, the monument to ‘Alkar’, the sculpture of friar Pavle Vučković, the ‘Three Generations monument’, fountain ‘Petrovac’, various busts and ‘Kubura’ in front of the Alka Museum, are just some of the attractive places that will inspire you. Alka Quarters will certainly fit into the frame. Those with a more observant eye will notice residential facades such as ‘Villa Danek’ or the tombstone of the boy Gaius Laberius holding a ball in his hands. Believe it or not, football fans will be able to boast that they saw proof how first football in Europe has been played in the Cetina region, what has confirmation from FIFA after all.

Foto: Branko Čović

After cultural ascension, you should “stretch” your legs. Everywhere you look there’s a groomed trail tended by hard-working volunteers. Sinj’s lungs ‘Pavića nebesa’, hills Visoka and Visošnica, numerous springs and the Protected Landscape of Sutina are a step away from the town centre, and a little further there are more serious hiking and mountain trails on Svilaja, Dinara or Kamešnica.

For those who also desire spiritual growth, the historical pilgrimage Trail of Our Lady of Sinj is especially valuable. The symbiosis of mountain and water is attractive to every adventurer, so the braver ones will try their luck at the rapids of the beautiful and cold Cetina by kayaking or rafting. However, in the autumn days, it is better to stick to the land, so it is a special experience to ride horses, drive a quad or cycle through the wonderful, magical nature of this beautiful area.

Foto: Monika Vrgoč

Before you set out to explore picturesque town of Sinj and enjoy its charms, you must leave time in your schedule for coffee at the popular Sinj’s main square called ‘Pijaca’. Then the experience of the town and local people will be complete and will make you richer so much that you will return again and again. Do you need more inspiration or you are already on your way to Sinj? We are waiting for you!

Melani Glavinić
Slučajno je otkrila da joj planinarenje, izleti, bijeg u prirodu i pisanje idu od ruke i pod ruku. Vikende uglavnom provodi obilazeći i fotografirajući ljepote naše domovine o kojima piše, dijeli doživljaje i poziva druge da se odvaže krenuti u istraživanje. Vješta je pitalica, ne piše tipično, te donosi radosne priče iz malih mjesta i s velikih vrhova; o planinama, ljudima i avanturama. Nijedan dan ne smije propasti, njezina je misao vodilja.

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