Croatian land treasure: Necklace of Imotski lakes

When the Dalmatian hinterland “was born”, God’s plan surely was to reward every hardworking local and passer-by with its beauty. As a gift to hardworking hands and blisters, nature played its part and made the Imota Region an incredibly rich with natural and cultural heritage

Surrounded by numerous sinkholes, vineyards, hills and archaeological sites, eleven lakes are located around the heart of the town of Imotski. Like locals who know how to count them in one breath, on the list are the less-known Lokvičićko, Knezovića lake, Galipovac, the almost turquoise-colored Green lake, Two eyes (Upper and Lower lake), as part of Prološko blato there are The Lake, Krenica and Jezerac, the youngest Bućuša lake, and the most famous water pearls – Red and Blue lake.

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The combination of clear water and recognizable karst have long been the recognized strengths of the Dalmatian hinterland, and this immense beauty is in the process of being added to the UNESCO list of geoparks. An important and special area of cultural and historical heritage, but also of exceptional natural value and geological diversity, are the reasons for inclusion on this famous list.

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In the colours, Blue and Red

Most lovers of the magic of nature and its mysticism will pay attention to the Blue and Red Lakes. Already popular trademarks of the town of Imotski, are much more than ordinary lakes. They are like a living room for the hostsand they take the breath away of those who just discover around. Each lake is picturesque in its own way, so it seems as if they have shared roles in beauty. Blue lake, the oldest lake leaning against the side of the old town of Imotski, got its name because of the beautiful blue colour. It can be reached by footpath or viewed from the town slopes, and it is constantly changing depth what is its specificity. The lake dries up beyond recognition or rises during rainy days, which attracts an increasing number of visitors.

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The water in the lake is at top quality, and it is one of the few places where those looking for refreshment can take swim and drink water at the same time. When the lake dries up, fans of the most important secondary thing in the world – football – remain delighted. The lake turns into the beautiful opened stadium, surrounded by high rocks, and on the ground the teams of Elves and Werewolves play a traditional football match. The last football match, the fifteenth in a row, was held in September two years ago.

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While Blue is more accessible, Red Lake is hidden, mystical and unreachable to the common man. The karst pit, which is reputed to be the deepest European lake, was created by the collapse of the arch. Difficult to reach, it attracts attention with its appearance, colour and massive red rocks that surround it and give it its name. Stories and legends about its real origin are associated with notes of mystery. If we can believe the tradition, the Red Lake was created as a punishment and a curse to the arrogant rich people of the Gavan family. The angel cut with the sword of God’s righteous judgment, the earth opened up, swallowed the wealth, heritage and generations of Gavans and created the lake. Red rocks, the remains of Gavan’s courts, have been left as a lasting memory.

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Anyone who tries to throw a stone into the lake will see how unusual the Red Lake is. No matter how great and precise the run and hand movement was, they say that no one managed to throw the stone into the lake. However, French scuba diver Frederic Swierczynski succeeded in making a famous drop and contact with the bottom of the lake. A few years ago, he dared and first dived to the bottom, measuring a depth of 245 m. He took the sediments with him as a memory and for further scientific research.

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If you are looking for an idea of an active holiday, a family trip or an unusual adventure, put Imotski on your travel list. In addition to the wonderful cultural heritage, themed and cycling trails, visit the lakes too. Make sure to throw a rock into the Red lake and let us know if you managed to get it in. Legend says that luck will follow one who succeeds. So good luck!

Melani Glavinić
Slučajno je otkrila da joj planinarenje, izleti, bijeg u prirodu i pisanje idu od ruke i pod ruku. Vikende uglavnom provodi obilazeći i fotografirajući ljepote naše domovine o kojima piše, dijeli doživljaje i poziva druge da se odvaže krenuti u istraživanje. Vješta je pitalica, ne piše tipično, te donosi radosne priče iz malih mjesta i s velikih vrhova; o planinama, ljudima i avanturama. Nijedan dan ne smije propasti, njezina je misao vodilja.

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