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Last month, in October I took my first trip abroad this year…and decided to go to Croatia, all by myself, and not just in one city, but three… My first stop was Dubrovnik

At the beginning, why I have decided to go to Croatia? There is 4 reasons behind my decision. First of all, I wanted to go somewhere where is still warm. So before I booked the flight, I looked up the weather forecast. Secondly, I wanted to go somewhere that I have never been before and I had week and a half to spend on my holidays, so this place should be something that I could explore and not get easily bored, as I am very active person. Next reason, is one of the most important in this situation that we live right now. It means, that I can actually fly there and feel free, it should be open for the tourists. And the fourth reason, the place that I can actually travel by myself without needing a car and can explore alone.

Elis Puusik

So, I made some research in which city I could fly first and from which city I can fly back. The first stop was Dubrovnik. I wanted to go there long time ago. Most because of the Game of Thrones, yes I am the big fan of the Game of Thrones and it is amazing that you actually can get to the place that you saw on the TV, even it was edited and added a lot of extra stuff, but still, you can recognize the places and get that special feeling. On the other hand, personally I love visiting old cores of the cities, but soon I realized: Dubrovnik is more than that. This city is more than the Game of Thrones series set…

Elis Puusik

In all three places in Croatia I chose to stay in the apartments where I had ability to cook for myself and had comfy space, I wanted to feel home away from home. Also, it’s the most affordable way to stay in Croatia, if you watch the price tag and compare hotels and apartments.

Elis Puusik

In Dubrovnik I have stayed in the site that is called Babin kuk. It is located next to the port and I’m very happy about my decision. I think it’s the most beautiful spot where you can stay except the luxury hotels that are located a little bit above. I have stayed in the cosy apartment with a small balcony. And I had breath-taking view to the port, the cruise ships and also the bridge. It was perfect for me, especially when I woke up in the morning, made myself a coffee and went to my small balcony enjoying the sun and the view, watching the water and the small boats floating on the surface of the water. I was amazed!

Elis Puusik

Also, it is important to mention that I had extremely accommodative and helpful host. He explained basically everything that I needed to know, and even more. How to get around, which spots to visit, the prices, supermarkets, personal recommendations etc. it is so much to choose from! It was very easy to get to the centre of Dubrovnik: by the bus, which took around 15-20 minutes or by foot, which I have done the first time in order to get to the Old Town. I like to walk around and explore, also it was good decision because I could take a lot of pictures on the way to the centre.

Elis Puusik

When I got to the Old Town I was quite surprised, because there wasn’t so many tourists. I believe, it is because of the time of the year and also of the whole situation going on in the world with restrictions to travel. However, it was really nice to see the sights without standing in the queue and take the pictures when you want. Moreover, I could ask the passers-by to take pictures of me, what they gladly did and there wasn’t any crowd behind me.

Elis Puusik

The Old Town also has the port that I wanted to see and the spot called breakwater. The great activity to do is just wander among the medieval buildings and pass by narrow streets or sit in the old cute restaurants. Also, you can grab the ice cream or some pastry with a coffee, and go around exploring the tiny streets also going up to the stairs and see the panoramic view of the Old Town, so you have a nice few hours to spend there. Buses are passing by very often so I have decided to take the bus back and I was at my place in 15 minutes.

Elis Puusik

Furthermore, I want to share something here: I am vegan, so it was important for me to travel somewhere where I can have many options to eat. Therefore, I have chosen apartment that was close to the vegan restaurant. It took me 10-15 minutes’ walk to the vegan restaurant called Urban and Veggie. It had everything: the breakfast, the lunch, the dinner, and it is very affordable place with big portions. Most important, all food that I have tried was extremely delicious! Only sad thing, it wasn’t open on Sunday, so I had to do more research, but eventually I found the restaurant on another side. That side is called Lapad, which is also next to place I was staying. There is a gorgeous park and many restaurants on the street. I chose one, where I had many options and beautiful view of the park from the second floor.

Elis Puusik

Next day I decided to spend going around the area where I have been staying. I took the long track and went along the shore, where are many beaches and luxury hotels located. I had very nice views from there as well. So if you are like me, like wandering around, try amazing food and take lots of nice pictures – it is great choice, to go to Croatia, even in October or November. The weather is pleasant – it’s not too hot to go around and it’s not too cold as well. Overall, I was very satisfied with my decision to go to Croatia, and I have spent very nice time at my first stop – in Dubrovnik.

By: Elis Puusik

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