Love, Pray, Eat: Gibanica – a rich pie from Medjimurje region

Gibanica from Medjimurje is a famous dessert from the Croatian region of the same name, which is adorned with a stratification and a richness of its ingredients…

Lately, I am being permeated by the feelings that our society has suddenly become missing: the right way to stratification or “diversity in layers“, and the richness of love and humanity – two main features of gibanica from Međimurje

My family and myself, we have used this traditional pie, except for sweetening, but also as a reminder of the times when a piece of gibanica was enough to put a smile on your face… The times in which we knew how to rejoice, to sing, to dance and to hug a dear person right beside you, regardless of her/his diversity… That piece of gibanica means a reminder of a time when we joked rather than discussing an absence of mind in a public narrative…

I therefore, recommend that you get these local ingredients, such as: cottage cheese, poppy seeds, walnuts and apples and try to bake gibanica from Medjimurje. And finally invite your loved ones over a cup of coffee or tea and enjoy with them in the ‘taste and scent’ of togetherness and affection.

Photo: Jelena Gligora Segedi


10 thin phyllo pastry sheets

100 g of butter

200 g of ground poppy seeds

250 ml of milk

50 g of sugar

200 g ground walnuts

200 ml of milk

50 g of sugar

500 g of cottage cheese

50 g of sugar

2 whole eggs

1 kg of apples (grated)

50 g of sugar

2 teaspoons of cinnamon

100 ml of sweet cream

Photo: Jelena Gligora Segedi


Cut the pastry sheets in the shape of a cake mould.

Prepare the fillings:

– Heat 250 ml of milk to boiling point, mix poppy seeds and sugar and stir on a low heat for a few minutes

– Heat 200 ml of milk to boiling point, mix ground walnuts and sugar and stir on a low heat for a few minutes

– Mix well a cottage cheese, eggs and sugar;

– Grate the apples and mix them with the sugar and cinnamon.

Coat the cake mould with the greaseproof paper, then melt the butter as well.

Stack in order:

Two sheets of pastry (each coated with melted butter), walnut filling, two buttered sheets of pastry, cheese filling, two buttered sheets of pastry, poppy seed filling, two buttered sheets of pastry, apple filling, two buttered sheets of pastry.  

At the end top with the sweet cream.  

Photo: Jelena Gligora Segedi

Bake the gibanica at 180° degrees for approximately 45-50 minutes.

Enjoy this authentic rich pie with your loved ones!

Jelena Gligora Segedi
Supruga, majka četvero djece, profesor logopedije po struci, vlasnica Logopedskog kabineta Gligora Segedi… Ljubiteljica degustiranja i spravljanja ukusnih obroka. Nastoji živjeti vodeći se mišlju svete Majke Terezije: “Nismo svi stvoreni da radimo velike stvari, ali zato možemo raditi male stvari s puno ljubavi.”

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