Outside the comfort zone – Easter Eggs Natural Colouring

I don’t know when exactly it happened to me that stress and “compulsion” before the holidays turned into joy and the pleasure, but it did happened. ”To do List” was replaced by a true enjoyment of the whole process. And believe me, it’s not a matter of extra free time but redefining approaches and my main priorities   

I am a big fan of spring season, colours and natural flavours, so colouring eggs with a natural colours has imposed on itself. As with many things, preparation is a half of the work. Choose the colours you want or for which you have the ingredients. Be aware, decorating Easter eggs is not a competition, it really doesn’t matter who will have more shades of colour or who will do it “better”. Involving children in the process will definitely extend the time, but both you and they will be full of hearts and richer for a new experience. The Easter breakfast with colourful eggs you have prepared together will reach a completely new dimension.

Foto: Daniela Drčec

I have been preparing to paint eggs with an onion skins almost since Christmas time, carefully collecting and storing the peels. If you skipped that step, you can often find the skins at the local market or simply peel the outer husks of the onions you are using these days. If you want the outlines of a spring flowers and herbs on the Easter eggs, then it is good to prepare old tights (women’s nylon socks) with which you will be able to firmly attach the herbs to the egg wall.

Foto: Daniela Drčec

A good preparation for natural colouring is to whiten eggs in an aqueous solution with vinegar, or more simply, buy white eggs. Natural dyes will adhere much better to a white eggs (this part is irrelevant for dyeing with the onion skins). Pay attention that fresh eggs are very difficult to peel, so I suggest to use an older ones.

Foto: Daniela Drčec

In addition to traditional colouring, you can get great results with a turmeric (yellow), purple cabbage (blue), beetroot (red), but also spinach (green) and red wine (black with a sieving pieces). If you want more intense colours, especially from a purple cabbage or beetroot feel free to leave them in a cold solution overnight.

Foto: Daniela Drčec

Many housewives often know how to exaggerate the holiday preparations. I also used to make an overlong, unrealistic to-do-list, but it is important to constantly be aware of it and work on it with the aim of setting the healthiest possible boundaries, first of all for yourself. I invite you to think more deeply about the strong messages that Easter gives us, especially during coming holidays. Let us prevail materially, learn to forgive and fulfil the reason we came into this world at the first place, of which is love for ourselves and for our loved ones.

Foto: Daniela Drčec

Easter or Resurrection Sunday is the biggest Christian festival and the most important cultural holiday, but also a holiday of awakening, delight of colours, family gatherings around the table, holiday of a new hope. Therefore, regardless of your religious affiliation, I wish you to welcome it full of joy and full of love.

Daniela Drčec
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