Solin – International Congress of Historic Cities

In Croatia, in Solin, a town with a rich historical heritage, the “7th International Congress of Historic Cities” was held last month, organized by the Tourist Board of the Town of Solin, Hotel President Solin and the Town Administration of Solin

This is the first such project in Croatia, under the motto “Meet, share & build”which aims to encourage meetings (“Meet” concept) of leading people in tourism and archaeology of historic cities, exchange of experiences in promoting them on domestic and international tourism market (“Share” concept) as well as the development of new tourism products and arrangements by joint engagement of leading people in destination tourism (“Build” concept). Given the archaeological site of the ancient city of Salona and its importance in ancient history, Solin was the perfect choice to host such an event.

As part of the International Congress of Historic Cities, the Plautilla Cultural Tourism Awardwas presented in four categories, for quality and innovation in the management of historic cities, in the field of interpretation and protection of cultural heritage and promotion, and distribution of cultural tourism products.

The categories in which the awards were given:

1) The best cultural tourist product

The award is given to those tourist boards / institutions / companies / crafts, etc. for the best tourist product that is characterized by a quality and creative interpretation of cultural and historical heritage.

2) Historical city / location / institution

The award is given to those cities / localities / institutions that have distinguished themselves by significant activities for the protection and restoration of cultural and historical heritage.

3) The best cultural tourist itinerary

The award is given for itineraries that present the cultural and historical heritage of a city or area in a quality and interpretive way, and can relate to one-day excursions, seven-day or city break programs.

4) Best professional work of students and mentors

The award is based on the reviewers’ assessment for the best work in the field of protection and presentation of cultural heritage.

The theme of the congress was the protection and interpretation of historical attractions and sites in historic cities throughout Croatia through “benchmarking” with cities from abroad. The historical periods that have been presented include the period of prehistory to the middle ages. The Congress brought together lecturers from the tourism and archaeological professions from Belgium (Bruges), Italy (Sannio University), Serbia (PPM Enclave Publishing House), and many Tourist Boards and Tourist agencies from Croatia.

In addition to lectures, the program also included a panel discussion on Cultural Tourism after the COVID-19 pandemic…

“It was real pleasure to be a part of this congress. With the Meet, share & buildscheme, this congress opens new doors in a professional tourism approach, which in every way enriches professional practice and results in the sharing of ideas and acquaintances that you cannot even imagine.” (Participant from Croatia)

The next International Congress of Historic Cities will be held from March 29, 2022, so we cordially invite you to join it. You will be able to find more information, closer to the date, at

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