Tradition on a plate – Soparnik in pan

Soparnik is a dish from Poljica, small Croatian region, near Split in Dalmatia

It is traditionally baked on a chimney covered with embers. However, as this is not an easily accessible method of preparation today, it is also possible to prepare it in a classic oven.

 The dish was made during the Ottoman occupation of our land, and was declared an intangible cultural heritage of the Republic of Croatia by the Ministry of Culture. Furthermore, in 2016 the European Commission approved the entry of this Croatian gastronomic product in the register of protected geographical origins. It is in fact, that these recognitions are a big proof that sometimes the simplest, peasant dishes are actually consist of great value.  

In the original, this dish is made only from chard (also Swiss chard), but it will still be extremely tasty if you enrich it with cheese, which many Croatians adore. Although it is very easy to make, this delicacy will leave everyone breathless.

What makes me happy is the quick preparation of this dish in the way that I will describe it to you. Moreover, what I adore to see is my family gathered around the table while enjoying this healthy local meal.  

Marija Herjavić Jerkić

Dough ingredients:

175g of a smooth flour
a little baking powder
80-90g of lukewarm water
30ml of olive oil
a bit of salt   

Ingredients for the filling;  

Swiss chard or Mangold?!
Melted cheese triangles (or cottage cheese) 
Spices (salt, chives, garlic)

Marija Herjavić Jerkić

Preparation procedure:

From all the ingredients, knead a compact dough and let it rest for a few minutes, just while the filling is being prepared.

For the filling, chop the chard and mix it with the cheese and spices. The ratio of everything is according to your wish.

Divide the dough into three equal parts. Roll each piece into a circle, about the size of a crepe. Coat half of the circle with the filling, fold, close tightly and bake it in an oiled pan over a low heat (or a light fire). While baking, keep it covered. Bake for a few minutes on each side, and before turning, coat the top with oil, preferably olive oil.

Except like this, instead of one dough folding in half, you can put a double filling over the entire rolled circle and cover it with another dough to make it round.

 If desired, it can also be baked in the oven. Then the dough can be divided into 2 parts; being stuffed, and thus covered so that it can be round.  

However you make it, I believe you will find it exquisite.

Enjoy your meal!

Marija Herjavić Jerkić
Supruga i majka dviju djevojčica (2 i 7 godina), magistra ekonomije, radi u IT sektoru. Velika ljubav joj je kuhanje i svaki slobodni trenutak koristi za pripremanje slasnih obroka. Voli tradiciju, običaje i domaću kuhinju, te kaže: „Ako možete zamisliti da vam neka baka posluži ručak, e takav recept možete očekivati i kod mene!“ Marija vjeruje da se svako jelo može pripremiti kod kuće, vrlo originalno, jednostavno i nadasve ukusno…

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