Weekend with Nina – Premantura, Cape Kamenjak

The southernmost part of the Istrian peninsula (Croatia) is called Premanturathe little picturesque place together with the protected natural area Kamenjak, which is located nearby

Early spring in Istria is a really pleasant experience. That’s why I have chosen to spend a few days there. The weather conditions have been ideal for walking through the streets of Premantura. In the central square I have noticed the church of St. Lawrence with an impressive tall tower. Little lower down the street, I have seen the old wood-burning oven made of stone that looked quite impressive, so I have taken a photo there. Walking further I have found an autocamp, surrounded by pine trees.

Nina Božić

Below to Premantura lies the Kamenjak peninsula, the southernmost part of Istria. If you turn right at the entrance of Premantura, you will reach the entrance to Donji Kamenjak in a minute. It is an area of ​​the exceptional beauty and natural resources, protected in the category of significant landscape. It is 9 kilometres long and 500 to 1600 metres wide in different parts of it’s length. It is an area of ​​almost 400 hectares and the coastline is 30 kilometers long.

Nina Božić

You can walk for hours, enjoying the scents, richness and diversity of the the flora that extends here. About 600 species of plants have been recorded and it is especially interesting that you can see about 30 species of beautiful orchids. Passing through the peninsula, areas of rocks, grasslands, low vegetation, and forests of holm oak and tall Aleppo pines alternate. Therefore, everyone can choose a different path according to his own affinities. The fullness of the scent you will feel in the air is also enriched by the spices and herbs such as thyme, immortelle and sage. If you look closely you can also find asparagus, my favourite. That is why spring is the ideal time of the year to pay a visit. The beauty of the scenary of the flora is further enriched by the many kinds of colorful butterflies, of which about 50 species have been recorded in this region.

Nina Božić

Apart from the beauty of flora and fauna, what enchants here is the contrast of greenery and azure. You can enter the area of ​​Donji Kamenjak by car, bicycle or by foot. The macadam road leads along the entire length of the peninsula, from which access paths lead in the direction of different bays, which are located on both sides of the peninsula. Here you will find spacious rock slabs, beautiful beaches of white gravel where families with children will enjoy the summer vacation. On the other hand, if you explore a little deeper you will find a hidden coves tucked into the rocks, which are more difficult for children to reach, but when you get there you will find an invaluable view of the turquoise sea.

Furthermore, you will find some educational trails too. One of them is the Dinosaur Trail, where you can see 98 million years old fossilized footprints of dinosaurs, at the Cape Grakalovac. If you prefer cycling, in addition to numerous trails, you can also choose the 12 km long Orchid Trail and explore the coastal area.

In summer time, there are several beach bars along the coastline. A special experience is provided by the Safari bar above the bay Mala Kolombarica. Those who are fond of active tourism will enjoy the Školjić – sports and windsurfing center, or simply choose to jump from the cliffs.

Nina Božić

The view of the blue sea is enriched by the surrounding islands, of which the most famous is Porer with its lighthouse. The fact that the miniature of the lighthouse from Porer is located in the Austrian park of miniatures – Minimundus, where the most famous and most impressive mini buildings of the world are located, also points out that this is a really interesting spot. Given the cool and windy weather during this stay, I will leave my visit to Porer for another time, so I hope we shall meet in Premantura.

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