Solin is the host of the 8th International Congress of Historic Cities

Solin (Croatia), the cradle of ancient and early Croatian history, this year invites and happily expects representatives of cities, municipalities, tourist boards and agencies, museums, as well as all leading subjects related to tourism, at the 8th International Congress of Historic Cities

This year's congress is also organized by the Tourist Board of the Town of Solin, Hotel President Solin and the Town Administration of Solin. All those interested in participating in the congress are invited to fill in the application form - Application form for the 8th International Congress of Historic Cities.

This is the first such project in Croatia, under the motto “Meet, share & build” which aims to encourage meetings of leading people in tourism and archaeology of historic cities (“Meet” concept), exchange of experiences in promotion on domestic and international tourism market (“Share” concept) as well as the development of new tourism products and arrangements by joint engagement of leading subjects in destination tourism (“Build” concept).

Photo: Ante Mula

The Congress will be held at the Hotel President Solin from the 29th of March to the 1st of April 2022 with the great support of public sector institutions, in the fields of culture, media, tourism, sports, history and archaeology; as well as private sector sponsors without whom the organization and realisation of this Congress would not be possible.

The topic of congress is preservation and interpretation of historic attractions and localities in historic cities throughout Croatia through benchmarking with cities from abroad, all that with the aim of presenting historical cities both from Croatia and abroad in different historic periods, with the emphasis on destination management, in terms of creative and interpretative presentation of historic sites. The detailed program is available on the official website of the Congress - Program of the 8th International Congress of Historic Cities.

The Congress will bring together numerous lecturers from the tourism and archaeological field, such as the European Institute of Cultural Routes (Luxembourg), the International Cultural Tourism Committee (Canada), Museum in Hrvatsko Zagorje (Gornja Stubica), Museum of Ancient Glass (Zadar), Interpret Europe Association, Faculty of Culture and Tourism, University of Donja Gorica (Podgorica, Montenegro), Museum of Croatian Archaeological Monuments, Architectural Collective d.o.o. (Split), Faculty of Economics Split, Narona Archaeological Museum (Vid), Osijek Tourist Board, Aurora Colapis d.o.o. (Karlovac).

Photo: Ante Mula

Apart from lectures, panel discussions will be held on topics of cultural tourism and the participants will be representatives from public and private sector.

Also, within the congress, international cultural tourism awards 'Plautilla' will be awarded for quality and innovation in the management of historic cities, in the field of interpretation and protection of cultural heritage as well as promotion and distribution of cultural tourism products, in five categories:

  • Best cultural tourism product
  • Best historical city – locality - institutions
  • Best cultural tourism itinerary
  • Best heritage (history) thematic hotel
  • Best thesis of students and mentors in the field of valorisation of cultural heritage
Photo: Ante Mula

All legal entities (institutions/associations/companies/foundations/tourist boards) from Croatia and other countries may apply for the award. The award ceremony will take place on the 31st of March 2022 at 7:00 p.m. at the Hotel President Solin. Detailed terms and conditions for participation, as well as the application form can be found at the following link - "Plautilla" Awards.

The hosts are looking forward to meet you at this very useful and commendable event.

See you in Solin!

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